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Trees, grass, soil…all things garden

We specialise in all things your garden. If you are ready to upgrade your yard game a few levels, your flora can be an outstanding start to broadening your lifestyle selections.

You should consider how your flora influences smell, design, layout and the overall feeling your yard brings. Gardens are a place where your ideas can spring. Such as fresh newly planted fresh green grass, coloured flowers to add to design, gardens in the shade, green fences, green walls, the shade created by flora, and the variety you need for your perfect scent.

We specialise in different forms of garden design, Islamic, Mediterranean, Renessaince garden, contemporary and residential. 

Stones, bricks, water…all things terrain

Have you ever seen a water fountain or statue and thought “that is a beauty!” The effect terrain has on emotion and lifestyle is immeasurable. It is undoubtedly one of the simplest ways to upgrade lifestyle or property value.

K-Ward has a strong history in producing quality through the use of terrains, such as water fountains, sheds, backyard eating arrangements, designed steps or benches, and more. Asking yourself, what would add more quality to life? The picture will be more precise. Outdoor seating arrangements can allow more time for the family, or how about a water fountain for the kids to play in.n.

Weather, light…all things abstract

The way light shines on an object can make all the difference. That is why landscapers also have to learn masters of not just your flora, and the terrain around you, but even light, and water. 

When creating a garden, you want to ensure that if it rains no deep puddles are left. Or, let’s say you have a newly designed shed that the light doesn’t end up through the wrong window, making it just too bright for you indoors. The littlest influence can make the most significant impact, which is why K-Ward Landscaping also ensures that these other factors develop during the process. 

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