A little about K-Ward Landscaping


K-Ward Landscaping has been operating for over 20 years. The experiences we bring comes with a firm personal touch, where we firmly believe in building a friendship and understanding with clients to deliver a human centred design approach. 

Our experiences tell us that landscaping is indeed the building of lifestyle for people, it is the core motivation to our client’s projects. A good landscape job requires us to understand our users, and the users of the landscape a great deal. Knowing the user is critical, to provide a highly user-friendly result.

Our mission

Our mission has always been to provide great user centred landscaping throughout Sydney. Why? Well, when you walk through a great landscape you feel something, whether that be relaxed, excited, happy. These experiences are what shape life, and what better service than the design of these experiences.

Why us

Our value proposition is quality for the price. We have over the twenty years of working learnt to capture material necessary for landscaping at the best rates, without the need to compromise on quality.

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